Today marks a special day as NITARAA, a brand synonymous with affordable luxury and uncompromising quality, unveils its exquisite collection on the auspicious occasion of Vasubaras. Rooted in tradition and committed to bringing affordable opulence to your wardrobe, we embrace the spirit of this sacred festival with a celebration of timeless sarees that seamlessly blend heritage and modernity. Steeped in tradition and dedicated to offering affordable opulence, NITARAA sets the stage for a celebration of timeless sarees, a perfect fusion of heritage and modernity.  

Steeped in the rich heritage and tradition of Maharashtra, NITARAA traces its origins to the vibrant city of Kolhapur. The driving force behind this brand is none other than Mrs. Kavita Ghatge, a visionary with an unwavering commitment to bringing the finest quality sarees from around the world to aficionados of elegance. Her journey, deeply interwoven with the cultural tapestry of Kolhapur, stands as a testament to the transformative power of ventures fueled by passion.

A Heartfelt Tribute to Shri Bal Ghatge's Encouragement, at the heart of NITARAA's inception lies the inspiration drawn from Shri Bal Ghatge, Mrs. Kavita Ghatge's father-in-law. Thrilled by the idea when discussed five months ago, he provided unwavering encouragement for her to embark on this new venture. Although he is no longer with us, his spirit resonates, and today, as NITARAA unfurls its wings on Vasubaras, it marks the poignant realization of Shri Bal Ghatge's support blossoming into a flourishing reality.